Freedom Force Link Portal - Meshes
Here's where you can find new meshes, Hexes and Scopes that push the game content way beyond the original.


Alex's Freedom Fortress

Champions of Freedom
This is one of the largest collection of skins, meshes and skopes by many of the most prolific creators in the FF community. Hosting the works of Blackcasanova, Beyonder, Carravaggio, Courtnall6, Detourne Me, GGiant, Johnny Patches, Murs47, Mystic, Style, Tap43 and Yellow Lantern.
CrimsonQuill Productions


Furst Force

Gni's Nox Genesis

Laughing Paradox's Repository

New Power Inc

Tommyboy's Meshes

Vertextual Reality
The home of long time mesher and creator of the VX series of figure meshes, Vertex.